8 Compartment Cutlery Rack

8 Compartment Cutlery Rack

8 Compartment Cutlery Rack

Unit: Each

Price: £19.88

This 8 Compartment Cutlery Rack is the ultimate solution for any catering establishment and has been designed specifically to sit within your dishwasher. This rack is made from polypropylene, a heavy duty plastic which is dishwasher safe and resistant to grease and detergents. The built in handles provides added grip and support especially when carrying heavier loads.

This cutlery rack is the perfect way to transfer used cutlery from your tables and place them straight in the dishwasher for cleaning. This offers the most safest and sanitary cleaning choice for your kitchen. The 8 compartments ensure effective cleaning for more substantial loads.

The dimensions of this 8 Compartment Cutlery Rack are: 43.3x19.7x17.5cm

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