Hi-Ball 280ml CE Glass

Hi-Ball 280ml CE Glass

Hi-Ball 280ml CE Glass

Unit: Pack of 48

Price: £35.50

The Hi-Ball 280ml (10oz) CE beer glass is an annealed soda-lime glass that has universal appeal with a variety of uses in any hospitality environment.

This Hi-Ball has the classic appearance and has been specially designed to withstand the rigours of the foodservice and hospitality trade, including automatic glass washers found widely in most businesses.

It can be used in a variety of venues, from hotels through to restaurants and cafes and comes in a selection of sizes, adding to its diverse range of uses.

Our Hi-Ball is suitable for everyday use and its classic and standard appearance means that it will suit many different types of Crockery and Cutlery. It is CE marked for alcohol serving to comply with current government legislation and it is great value with increased strength.
This Hi-ball comes in a pack of 48 making it great value for money.

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