Teardrop Tall Flute Glass 168ml

Teardrop Tall Flute Glass 168ml

Teardrop Tall Flute Glass 168ml

Unit: Pack of 12

Price: £28.10

These attractive Artis Teardrop Flute Glasses are perfect for everyday use in gastro pubs, wine bars, restaurants and bistros. These glasses have a teardrop shape which flows from the body of the glass smoothly into the stem and has a tapered lip. These glasses combine tall stemmed elegance with excellent durability and strength.

This Artis range is Dishwasher safe. It also comes with a safe edge foot and rim guarantee, meaning these glasses are guaranteed for life against chipping. This does not cover breakages. This ensures that no additional replacement costs are incurred and guaranteeing great value for money.

This range offers alternative sized wine glasses as well as goblets, tall flutes and sherry glasses, which are suitable for all occasions.

This Teardrop Flute Glass can hold up to 168ml (6oz) and comes in a pack of 12, making it great value for money.

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