Black Polywood Handle Steak Knife

Black Polywood Handle Steak Knife

Black Polywood Handle Steak Knife

Unit: Pack Size 12

Price: £13.53

This Economy Steak Knife is perfect for a variety of dining occasions across multiple catering establishments, including cafes, restaurants, hotels and many more.

It has a polywood 2 rivet handle in a black finish and a mirror finish high quality serrated blade. Serrated blades are generally considered to be the best utensil for cutting meat. Because not all of the knife edges are exposed to the elements of whatever you are cutting they last longer. The downside can be that they tear the meat a bit more than a straight knife and also that they are hard to sharpen, however they do not need to be sharpened nearly as often. The longest lasting serrated edges are those with large serrations on the blade. Good quality Steak Knives help to maximise the quality of the meat served because a cleat cut means minimal juice is lost and thereby the most flavour hits the consumer's taste buds.

This Black Polywood Handle Steak Knife is supplied in a pack of 12.

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