Crem G10 3 Group Espresso Coffee Machine

Crem G10 3 Group Espresso Coffee Machine

Crem G10 3 Group Espresso Coffee Machine

Unit: Each

Price: £3,650.00

This Crem G10 3 Group Espresso Coffee Machine is the ultimate must have for any catering or drinks based establishments, perfect for hotels, restaurants, delis, coffee shops, cafes and many more. The machine is made from stainless steel, which is durable, robust and ideal for long-term and continuous use. The Crem Espresso G10 3 is fitted with an automatic fill copper boiler which can hold up to a 17.5ltr capacity. Copper is ideal for heating your water up quickly, whilst also keeping it hotter for longer. The electronic switchboard enables you to have full control over the espresso volumes, the separate heat exchangers and the cleaning valve.

The Crem G10 3 Group Espresso Coffee Machine also comes fitted with a LCD screen, which displays your coffee brewing statistics and times, thus allowing you to effectively manage all of all your orders. The top of the machine features a compartment, which helps to keep your cups warm for service. The G10 Espresso Machine is both safe and easy to use with digital controls and also features 2 steam taps and 1 hot water tap. This machine is ideal for those who have busy establishments or service periods.

The dimensions for this Crem Espresso G10 3 Group are: W980x580x530mm. It is supplied with a 1 year parts and labour warranty.

Our coffee machines come in a range of different types such as espresso machines, bean to cup machines, pour and serve style coffee machines and bulk brewers. Each one is designed to be as compact as possible, whilst at the same time providing a high standard of beverage service.

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