Decaf Espresso Beans 6 x 1kg

Supporting Climate Change & the Environment
Decaf Espresso Beans 6 x 1kg

Decaf Espresso Beans 6 x 1kg

Unit: 6 x 1kg Reusable Containers

Price: £108.00

Carefully sourced from smallholder farms, Ernie’s single origin decaf coffee helps farmers in post conflict regions and delivers a pack of flavours. Ernie’s decaf espresso beans are dark roasted to develop natural sugars within the bean. Floral, caramel and rich flavours are released in a perfect shot of espresso.

The beans are decaffeinated with sugarcane EA, a natural process which obtains EA with sugarcane. This process maintains the coffee’s flavours and characteristics for a gourmet decaf.

Region: Colombia
Roast: Dark

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