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 Office Glass Milk Bottle Delivery


Milk in glass bottles, delivered from local dairies - Fresh milk; no plastic 

It's no secret that the world has a plastic problem. But now you can be part of the solution - all while enjoying your morning cuppa with our glass milk bottle delivery service.

Clink, clink: Glass is back!

Glass milk bottles used to be a common sight across the UK. But somewhere along the way, plastic took over. Now, we’ve come full circle with more and more people turning back to glass for their daily pint. As a result, the popularity of glass bottle milk deliveries is soaring as people and businesses across the country rediscover the delight of a fresh pint, the traditional way.

All the taste without the waste

Switching to a glass bottle milk delivery is a great way to cut your plastic waste.

With our glass milk delivery service, you can enjoy all your favourite milks, delivered daily in one-pint reusable glass bottles from your local dairy. Choose from whole, semi, skimmed or organic, delivered fresh, in the quantities you need.

Will milk from a glass bottle make your cuppa taste better? Maybe. One thing’s for sure; it will definitely give you a warm glow every time you think of that glass milk bottles delivery and remember you’re doing your bit to reduce plastic consumption.

100% British milk delivered from local dairies

Office Groceries is proud to support British dairy farmers and we’ll source your milk entirely from local farms and dairies close to your workplace.

Milk in glass bottles does cost a little more than plastic options but we know you’ll agree, it’s worth the little extra to help reduce plastic waste. If more people chose a glass milk bottle delivery, then our oceans and landfills would be in much better stead.

Did you know that around half of used plastic milk bottles in the UK are not put in recycling bins by consumers? In choosing a glass milk bottles delivery, you'll be doing that little bit more for the environment!

How to order your milk deliveries

Setting up your office milk delivery in glass bottles is easy. Simply choose the products you’d like us to deliver, select your delivery days (Monday to Saturday) and we’ll do the rest.

You can adjust or add to your order whenever you need to – with bottled milk delivered straight to your office. And we keep things simple with just one monthly invoice.

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Key Benefits:

  • Competitive product pricing – we’ve done the haggling, so you don’t have to.
  • Save time with our product sourcing service. If you need it, we’ll find it.
  • You’ll receive a dedicated account manager for your Office-Groceries account.
  • Fully-managed procurement service, with one monthly invoice.
  • Create your own individual ordering page, with all your specific requirements.
  • User-friendly website with our Quick Time milk standing order management system.
  • No contract arrangements. Simply create your bespoke quote. We’ll help you create your account and then you can start ordering.

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